Website Development

Our creatives have all the experience to produce sites that are clean, innovative and stylish, whilst simple to use and scalable.

With a comprehensive portfolio, Aion has the necessary skills required for designing and constructing quality internet and intranet sites. With experience of both implementing existing brands and utilising less defined identities, our sites continue to be fresh and clean, yet tailored to the required target market.

Although look and feel are important, Aion ultimately aim to design sites that work, are easy for their visitors to understand and offer scalability for future phases.

Aion's best practice approach means that our sites are underpinned by proven methods and practices covering:

» Navigation
» Information architecture
» Content
» Functionality
» Styles
» Accessibility


Aion have created many successful e-commerce solutions, delivering sites with a fast return on investment through considered design and functionality.

As with other solution types, we offer entry level systems utilising our in-house modules. These allow clients to inherit sophisticated functionality at a cost-effective price. In contrast, we also develop bespoke solutions, tailored to specific requirements.

We can be relied upon to provide solutions encompassing encryption, secure servers and order processing, as well as integration with payment gateways.

From a creative point of view, our designers will tailor the look of your e-commerce site to perfectly reflect the expectations or aspirations of your target market.

In addition we offer features such as:

» Dynamic categorisation
» A variety of postage and packing options
» Intuitive "shopping baskets"
» Simple order processes
» Alternatives to credit card payments (cheque & account holders)
» Featured special offer facilities
» Products with variants.

Carbon neutral website hosting

We provide 100% carbon neutral website & email hosting

For full details on this and our environmental policy click here.

Domain names

A Domain Name is a prestigious way of identifying yourself and your business on the internet. You need one in order to establish name/brand recognition and a global identity. Commercially it means having your service or product easily accessible by over 100,000,000 users. It will also help you get listed on Search Engines.


Aion have many years experience in both design and development of intranets. As with our internet work, we can draw upon a wealth of knowledge and resources in relation to typical content items and sections. Examples would include:

» Information pages
» Staff directories
» Forums
» Events
» Feedback
» Document/image libraries

When designing an intranet, we are aware of the opportunity for change and scalability. Unlike internet websites, intranets require more flexibility as companies 'buy in' to the solution and more and more opportunities for knowledge sharing occur.

Therefore, when designing intranet sites, we rely on proven practices in relation to navigation and information architecture, ensuring that our solutions offer flexibility for our clients.

Booking systems

We have a great deal of experience in creating bespoke booking systems. Whether it's a national event, seminar or holiday accommodation, we have the knowledge to help your business to run smoothly.

» Accommodation booking
» Restaurant Booking
» Event Booking
» Course Booking